Monday, December 31, 2012

Yesterday, I was over at one of my favorite daily reads, {A Beautiful Mess}, and I saw their {4 Simple Goals} challenge from September. I think it was a seasonal goals thing, but it felt like a perfect way to set a few tangible resolutions for myself for the coming year. One of the rules they laid out for the challenge was that the goals should be quantifiable. So I thought of some broad, theoretical goals and then I tried to pin down some hard and fast ways to quantify my accomplishment. I'll write a little more about each of them over the next few weeks, and then add updates on my progress as it's made.

Thanks to {Emma and Elsie} for a great way to set some realistic resolutions for 2013!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

Chris got me a really great little camera for Christmas. I am so impressed by the quality of pictures that it takes! Here's a sampling of them (untouched) from the wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we spent with 
my mom, my dad, Chris's mom, and Chris's sister. 
And of course, our furry sweethearts, including our furniece, Miss Macy. 
Above, Clyde-dog stuns the camera with his beauty. 
We got to use our wedding china for the yummy lasagna we had on Christmas Eve.
So many stockings on the mantle warms my heart. 
A mantle full of stockings means a house full of family and love. 
Mom relaxes with her Kindle in our newly decorated dining room. 
I finally tackled getting that space looking prettier, thanks to her encouragement. 
Chris's Grandma's antique bar, decorated and ready to serve drinks!
Christmas Eve vino.
Macy does her best blue steel.
Whoa. This stuff is goooood!
What's a family holiday without Skip-Bo??
Chris read the Christmas story from Luke to the family on Christmas Eve. 
Then, to my dad's delight (sarcasm), we sang Christmas carols. I loved it! 
Of course, I have quite a terrible voice, so there may have been some ears bleeding...
Candy cane place settings and pretty table for Christmas dinner. 
The Nug looks distrustful of the camera in her face. 
A beautiful new angel (Celia) and creche for my Nativity scene, care of my mom and dad! 
I love that the angel has a cat and a dog; she's my kind of gal. 
Snowy Christmas scene in the ornament that June sent us. 
Hound-doggie gettin his snuggle on in the fleecy blanket. He is so happy right now. 
Custer wants to know why I'm taking photos of him instead of going over to the cabinet to get him one of the Beggin Strips his Grandpa got him for Christmas. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy birthday, my love!

Happy 40th birthday to the original Widgapae!

There aren't really words to describe how much I love this guy, so I'm not even gonna try. I'll just leave you with a photo of his cute mug :-)

I love you, Widgie!