Sunday, March 11, 2012

Organized Life: Kitchen Cabinet Cork Boards

I don't know how it happened, but lately my kitchen and utility room are completely out of control with coupons, bills, magazines, tools, and other crap strewn everywhere (ok, I know how the tools part happened...ahem...projects for the blog...). It has been driving me cuh-razy and making me feel out of control. And as Chris can tell you, I'm a bit of a control freak! So I decided to make this past Saturday a day of kitchen cleaning and organization. I didn't get everything done that I had planned, but I did complete two projects, one of which I've got pictures of right now; I'll post pics of the other one later this week. 

I got the idea for this cabinet cork board from Pinterest and it turns out it came from this great blog called Young House Love. Although my cabinets aren't tall enough to do the exact same design they did, their idea was certainly my inspiration. 

I bought these cork tiles, as well as the pretty grosgrain ribbon, at Hobby Lobby. I stuck the cork tiles up on the cabinet with Command Strips, and adhered the ribbon to the cork using Tacky Glue and one of my favorite tools: a Q-tip. 

Voila! I took the important and special stuff that was all over our refrigerator (making it look kind of messy) and put it on our new board. I bought a couple of cute little paper pockets (available in the scrap-booking section at Hobby Lobby) for my ubiquitous coupons and important papers that I need to deal with. Pretty tacks, special papers, pictures, quotes, and cards completed this great little message/memory center. I love it so much, I think I'm gonna make another one on the facing cabinet next weekend!


  1. I need you to organize my house! :)

    1. Ok, I'll come over when mine is all organized. See ya in about 10 years! :-)