Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Style - Perfect Autumn Outfits

Though those of us living in Texas still have at least a month of hot, 90-100+ temps to contend with before things start to get comfy around here in October, I've got fall on the brain bad. Even then, the weather really won't be conducive to the kind of clothes that my New England brain will always associate with fall: cardigans, leather boots, pretty scarves. But, hey, a girl can dream (and plan for Texas autumn, which happens in about...oh-I-don't-know...December). In dreaming, I discovered Polyvore this morning, so now I really probably will never get anymore DIY projects done! But at least I created a few perfect fall outfits.

They have some ridiculously over-priced items in them, but I looooove to try to find cheap versions of expensive stuff to achieve the same look on a dime. I'm going to do that with these outfits, so I'll keep you updated on my finds. For now, dream with me...of pumpkin lattes, a fire in the hearth, and the ability to go outside once more. 

Fall 2012 - Perfectly Simple

Fall 2012 - Simple Red Flats and Top Shop Blazer

LBD with Autumn Twist

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