Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My On-Going, Ever-Growing Thrifting Search List

I've been bitten by the thrifting bug. I was previously kind of meh about it because thrift stores always feel seedy and dirty to me, but I'm on the fence no more. I just scrub my hands real hard when I get home. 

How could I turn up my nose at all this goodness??
Anyway, since there's always just an absolute ton of crap to sort through at these places, I end up deciding that I desperately need another plastic animal to {spray paint and "ceramicize"} so my house/life crush on John and Sherry of Young House Love can move ever closer to creepy. Or, you know, I need that broken down plastic child-sized tool bench even though I don't even have kids but-when-kids-come-to-visit-it'll-be-totally-awesome...

So I'm putting paper to pen (metaphorically) and beginning a list of stuff that I want to keep an eye out for when I'm shopping. That way, if I find something that's not on this list, I'll know that I better think long and hard about whether it needs to come home with me.  
  • Rolling cart for in between washer and dryer
  • Really big drum lamp shade
  • Actually, any size drum lamp shades
  • Great lamps
  • A not-deep shelf or table for entryway
  • Great blankets (particularly plaid and wool)
  • Mini lacrosse stick
  • Good small, storable toys to have for visiting kiddos
  • Vanity set
  • Old, round-rung wooden ladder
  • First edition hard cover Harry Potters (stop laughing)
  • Prettily-covered Readers Digest books that I don't have
  • Brown leather messenger/tote bag/briefcase
  • Two three-drawer filing cabinets

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