Sunday, February 2, 2014

February Resolutions

January flew by and it's time to make resolutions for February! I posted here about my January resolutions and how I fared with those. 

These are the things I want to accomplish in February:

  • Read The Fault in Our Stars
  • Spruce up the guest bedroom for special visitors (who are coming in March!)
  • Watch four Oscar-nominated movies
  • Make one project with my Kreg jig (I think it's gonna be based on this one)
  • Bonus: Learn the basics of American politics (like, um, who the Senators are for Texas and what the heck the majority whip is).
Do-able, very do-able. The movie-watching one may seem like a piece of cake, but that one is actually quite daunting. I'm not a movie watcher. The four I think I'm gonna do are Dallas Buyers Club, Captain Phillips, American Hustle, and August: Osage County (I know that one isn't technically nominated for Best Picture, but there are acting nominations so I'm counting it).

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