Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Resolutions

Since I didn't quite complete everything I wanted to in February, I'm going to lighten up a little in March.

Finish Divergent
I've been reading this YA book for like three months. It's (obviously) not grabbing me, but it's time to put my game face on and just finish it. 

Only Read "Fun" Blogs (e.g. Home Improvement, Design) on the Weekends

I love blogs. Bloggy-blog-blogs. I love them so much that they become a time suck for me. And while I find it thrilling to read about the lives of stay-at-home moms who have tons of time to cover all their stuff in gold spray paint and chevron wrapping paper, it's not really productive for me. I need to be reading about stuff that is pertinent to my own career. But let's be real: I'm not gonna stop reading this stuff. It's Swedish Fish for my brain. So I'm limiting myself to only reading them on the weekends this month. It's actually been a great exercise for me because I find myself scrolling through my blog reader and only reading the posts that are actually interesting to me. I believe I've reduced my wasteful blog reading time by 1 billion percent (+/-). 

Oh, did I mention this is really hard for me? It's March 14th and I'm still going through withdrawals.

Build Something with My Kreg Jig
I WILL DO THIS! I am making this towel rack!

I'll be back in April with an update on my results. Fingers crossed they're better than February

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