Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Color Seasons: Summer vs. Winter

I've been fascinated with the idea of seasonal color analysis for a long time. A couple of years ago I stumbled on the 12-season color analysis. Using some online quizzes and photos of like-seasoned celebrities, I decided that I was a Bright Spring.

I've been operating under that assumption for quite a while, buying really bright, warm clothes and coloring my hair a warm, dark brown to cover up grays. 

Recently, I started reading about the newer 16-season color analysis and realized that I had probably made a mistake in self-identifying as a Bright Spring. Apparently, springs have warm undertones (i.e. yellow-y or peach-y). But I'm pretty sure I have pink undertones. Because of that, I realize that I am most likely a Summer or a Winter. WHAT?!

I found {this website} that has a pretty good quiz and description of the 16 seasons, and I've been using it to try to really narrow down my season. This is what she says about Summers vs. Winters:

Summer’s are LIGHT and COOL. You have pink undertones. Do you have blonde hair with blue eyes? Do you have soft grey eyes with mousy brown hair? Cool blue eyes or green-grey eyes? Ashy brown or blonde hair?
Winter’s are DEEP and COOL. You have olive or blue undertones. Do you have dark hair? Clear blue or violet eyes? Are your eyes cool brown to dark brown? Maybe your eyes are dark cool hazel? If you have dark hair and blue eyes, you are also a winter.
Here's a photo of me from about 9 years ago. I chose it because this was before I started coloring my hair, my hair is long so it's really visible, it was winter, so I don't have even a hint of sun on my skin, and I'm not wearing a lot of makeup. I think this is a pretty good representation of my natural coloring.

Here is a photo from last week. I have a hat on because I don't want my hair to be confusing, but I thought a recent photo was important. 

And then here's a close up of my eye to get a good idea of the color. 

Ok, so...
þ Light and cool -> I think so. See my discussion on "deepness" below.
þ Pink undertones.
þ ý Blonde hair with blue eyes -> I do have blue eyes but my hair is not blonde, though it was when I was about 7 and under.
þ Soft grey eyes with mousy brown hair->The center portion of my eyes are a grayish blue and I think my natural hair color is mousy brown.
þ Cool blue eyes or green-grey eyes ->Yes, blue eyes that are leaning cool I think. 
þý Ashy brown or blonde hair -> I definitely don't have blonde hair and I don't know if my natural color would be considered ashy? {I don't really think so}. 

ý Deep and cool -> I don't think my coloring is deep. On {this website}, the author describes deep as  having "heavy pigment." My current hair color, though pretty deep and rich, is not my natural color. My skin definitely lacks pigment. My eyes are obviously light. 
ý Olive or blue undertones.
þ Dark hair
þ Clear blue or violet eyes -> This one is tough for me. Obviously I don't have violet eyes, but my eyes are blue. I think "clear blue" tends to mean a brighter blue. The outer ring of my eye is much darker. As a general rule, I think they're right in between "clear" and "soft." 
ý Cool brown to dark brown eyes
ý Dark cool hazel eyes
þ Dark hair and blue eyes -> This one really throws me off! Even when I don't color my hair, it is technically dark. But I don't really think it's dark enough to push me over into Winter.

Based on these criteria, I'm leaning toward Summer.

There are four types of Summers though, so I'll discuss which specific one I think I am next time.

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