Saturday, February 11, 2012

Don't Give up on DIY Greatness!

I think one of the toughest parts about DIY projects is that they don't always come out how you had envisioned them. It can be a little defeating, but I saw this lovely poster the other day on Pinterest and thought it was pretty apropos:

This saying rang true with me because I've been working on re-doing a lamp and lampshade for a lot longer than it really should be taking me. It just didn't come out quite as I was hoping and so I tabled the project for a while to make a decision: do I leave it looking subpar and move on to the next thing, getting better with each project, or do I continue to work on it until it meets my standards? After a few weeks of putting it off, I decided to make the fix. And I have to say I'm happy I did. Check out my next post to see the results of my efforts. 

1 comment:

  1. I am proud of you for persevering! The lamp turned out just great! Keep on DIY'ing!!