Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Style

Haircut time! I love getting my hair done. Getting pampered, walking out feeling like a new person. Such a great experience! I've had a variety of hair lengths in my lifetime, but I'm currently rocking a between-shoulder-and-chin-length bob that I really love. It's short enough that I can straighten my unruly, wavy hair in a reasonable amount of time, but long enough that cashiers don't call me sir when I'm checking out at a store (I'm really, really tall...). Anyway, I like the bob, but I need something more. I've noticed some really awesome piecey bangs popping up lately that I can only describe as "pixie" bangs. I found a few pics of what I'm talking about, but most of them are attached to boy-short pixie cuts. I'm not going there. Just the bangs, ma'am.

I want them. Bangs can be scary because sometimes they look simply atrocious, but I'm going to risk it. It's only hair after all...

What do you think?