Sunday, February 19, 2017

Color Analysis: Four Summers

I discussed {here} that I think my Season is Summer, but there are four Summers that I could be. {Jen Thoden's website} breaks down the four types of Summers really well. They are:
  • Pure Summer 
  • Tinted Summer
  • Toned Summer
  • Shaded Summer
Per Jen, the four Summers are described as follows:

*A note about the photos: If you're thinking that some of these don't seem to match the criteria for the Season they're grouped with, I agree*

Pure Summer
þ ý Hair is likely light brown with an ashy tint. -> Brown, yes. Ashy? I don't think so. See discussion here.
þ Eyes are cool and typically blue.
þ Can wear brightest and coolest colors of summer color palette
þ ý Can’t tolerate warm colors -> I'm not a 100% sure what this means. I have an orange coat that I looooove and think looks great on me. If it's a warm orange (aren't most oranges??), then I don't necessarily agree with this. 

Pure Summer celebrities via

Tinted Summer
þ Eyes are light and bright and typically blue
þ ý Skin is pink -> Yes, although I think my skin is pinkish, leaning neutral.
ý Hair is blonde
þ ý Light, cool and bright -> I don't think my overall coloring is "bright."

Tinted Summer celebrities via
Toned Summer
ý Soft and neutral -> I think people with overall neutral coloring means their hair, skin, and eyes are all similarly colored, which isn't true for me. 
ý Ashy blonde to brown hair -> I don't think my hair is ashy. See discussion here.
þ Eyes are likely a soft grey, grey-blue or grey-green
ý Overall tone is soft -> I'm not 100% sure what this means
ý Light, neutral and soft

Toned Summer celebrities via
Shaded Summer
þ Hair is typically dark
þ Eyes are soft and cool, like grey, grey-blue or grey-green
þ Skin is neutral
ý Deep and soft -> See my explanation {here}.

Shaded Summer celebrities via

This seems like a close match between Pure Summer and Shaded Summer, but I've got to give it to Pure Summer because of that "deep" description under Shaded Summer. I also think the girl in the top left of the Pure Summer photo has the coloring that's closest to mine of all these people. So I'm calling it: Pure (aka Cool) Summer.

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