Saturday, May 26, 2012

Major Kitchen Organization Overhaul Update 1: Before Pictures

Wow, I've been MIA for a loooong time. Very sorry about that. I'm still trying to learn how to juggle doing all the stuff I want to do, plus finding the time to take pictures and write about it. I will get better, I promise!

The kitchen/laundry room overhaul is going well. Things are happening, but not quickly. That's ok though. I want to get it done well and I want to learn as I go. I read a great blog post the other day in Emily's Thirteen82 Chronicles at IHeartOrganizing. In it, she discusses how design blogs show so many great Befores and Afters, but they don't often talk about how long it took for a room to transform to the After. Things always take longer than I planned and everyday chores (as well as that pesky day job!) can get in the way. 

I've completed several of the tasks, but I'm going make a post of each step over the next few weeks to get me back into the habit of posting. I also think it'll help me keep track of all the stuff I still need to do! 

The first thing on my list was to take some good Before pictures. 

That's step 1! Check back for more progress reports throughout the week! 



  1. I can't wait to see the end product on this! I am betting that it will be fabulous! I love your kitchen already - so cute! :)

  2. Thanks, Erica! I can't wait to see the end product either...I'm feeling like that point will never come!!