Monday, April 2, 2012

Major Kitchen Organization Overhaul

I'm kind of scattered when it comes to all of my projects. I just get so excited about the possibilities and then I don't stick to one thing. I really want to get all of the rooms in my house super organized, but I have to learn to focus. I work full time (40 miles from my house!), so my weekends are really the only days that I have a significant amount of time to devote to major projects. Therefore, I decided to pick the most used room in the house and just focus on getting it as perfect as possible. I chose a room combo actually: the kitchen/laundry room (they're basically one). These are the first rooms we walk into (from the garage) when we get home, and a lot goes on here. They have a tendency to get really messy because they're used for so many different things. 

I don't want to rush because I really want everything to be done right and I want to have time to figure the best way to do it all. Today is April 2; I'm giving myself until July 31 August 31 to completely organize and beautify these two very important rooms. Since this is my first really big undertaking, this is a total time estimate. I could take less time. Or a lot longer...

I don't have any super major changes to make in the kitchen; the paint and appliances are fine in there. The appliances in the laundry room are great, but I wouldn't mind painting the walls. It's a small area, though, so that's not a really huge undertaking. Structurally, the laundry room will require the most work because I'd really like to build a folding & ironing counter. Gonna have to get Big Tex involved in that part!

Here is a list of things I'd like to get done:
  1. Take some good Before pictures!!!
  2. Clean out clutter and get rid of crap we don't use.
  3. Re-assign the cabinets in both rooms to make smarter and more efficient use of space (Super inspired by two of my favorite blogs: this and this).
  4. Create design boards for both rooms.
  5. Remove current cabinet liner and put pretty liner in the drawers.
  6. Decide on and buy small organizational additions for all cabinets (e.g. baskets).
  7. Build big organizational additions (shelf risers, cabinet drawers).
  8. Install dream pot rack.
  9. Have an electrician install a plug in the cubby above the oven so that we can put our microwave up there and get it off the counter.
  10. Move items to newly assigned cabinets with appropriate organizational additions.
  11. Deep clean laundry room in preparation for panelling and painting. 
  12. Install beadboard panelling on laundry room walls.
  13. Install molding and chair rail in laundry room.
  14. Paint walls, cabinets, and trim in laundry room.
  15. Build washer/dryer pedestal.
  16. Build a folding & ironing counter in laundry room.
  17. Install clothes hanging rack in laundry room. 
  18. Change door hardware on cabinets in laundry room.
  19. Make or buy matching curtains for laundry room door window, window above sink, and window in breakfast nook. 
That's the preliminary list! I know I'll add to it, but it's a good start. Wish me luck!


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