Friday, June 1, 2012

Major Kitchen Organization Overhaul Update 4: Design Boards

Creating design boards was item four on The List. Until two nights ago, I had never made a design board. Now I'm an addict! They are so fun!! I made one for the laundry room and one for the kitchen. The laundry room design board was more fun because we're actually making some big visual changes in there. Most of the changes in the kitchen are happening behind the cabinet doors. 

Laundry Room Design Board

1. The Aesthetic Writer 2. The Quaint Cottage 3. Things That Inspire 4. Lowe's
5. Anthropologie 6. Southern Living 7. Sweet Pickins and Ana White Homemaker

Kitchen Design Board

1. Storage Glee 2. Family Handyman 3. Ask Anna... 4. 5. Real Simple 6. Good Housekeeping
7. I Heart Organizing 8. Breakfast for Dinner 9. Coupon Connections 10. Pinterest :-/ 11. Delightful Order
I'm sorry about the couple of photos that don't have great sources. Lesson learned from this exercise: make sure there's an actual, clickable source associated with a pin before using a pic in a design board. Duly noted.


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